Who are we?

Come-Passion is a collection of professional individuals from various disciplines working cohesively to create a lane for fun through the vehicle of sexual expression while promoting sexual health.

Who has access to Come-Passion?

People 18 years of age and older are able to peruse this site and take full advantage of our resources and events. At Come-Passion we strongly endorse a SAFE SEX POSITIVE COMMUNITY and judge free zone. This means we work to appease people of all cultures and backgrounds. This is not limited to people that identify as straight or on the sexual spectrum, more specifically, the LGBTQPIA community. We strongly urge you to become members to get the most out of our website. At Come-Passion we only have two rules, that’s to have an insane amount of fun and provide feedback so we can effectively cater to your desires.

How will we impact your life?

At Come-Passion you’ll have access to great quality lingerie pieces, adult novelties, podcasts, blogs, videos and sex chat opportunities. We pride ourselves in identifying and creating sex positive communities while helping people, nationally, locate their local community. If efforts to provide education are not enough, as a member you will have access to people that specialize in sexual health practices professionally. One will also be able to participate in events planned by Come-Passion to increase awareness in a number of areas in sexual health and expression. Feel free to use our site, become a member and/or participate in modeling our products. This effort will allow you to promote your own Passion while participating in ours.

***A number of modeling scenarios will be posted for those interested in advertising our product. All pictures are done with the model’s input and personal stamp of approval in mind.

***For those interested in Adult novelties not listed on this site, please email us at gqdawson1@gmail.com.

***Interested in hosting a Passion Party?! Contact us for hosting and/or toy bundle orders.