Follow Directions: Part I

Follow Directions: Part I

Lina was speeding on her drive home from work, anxious to reach her house. It had been a long day but her husband was coming home today after a week away, and although things had been rocky between them lately, she was looking forward to seeing him. Lina and Darren had been married for ten years, and lately, being in the same room with each other for more than ten minutes seemed impossible. Too many things had spiraled out of control in the last two years that left Lina wondering how much longer their marriage would last. She loved her husband, but she had become invisible to him. Tonight, she was hoping to spark a little romance. Her girls were staying at their friend’s house and they would have the house all to themselves.

Just as Lina pulled into the space in the parking garage, she received a text. It was Darren, “Hey babe, too much work in the Orlando office, staying another night, maybe two. Sorry.” A fucking text? He had the nerve to send a text? She immediately called him and, of course, it went straight to voicemail. Lina’s heart sank. She was exhausted. It had been a long week for her at work as well. She grabbed her purse, got into the elevator and rode it all the way up to the penthouse. Lina’s mind began to wander and landed on the one bright spot of her week, Alex Perez. Darren and Lina were in an open marriage and for the first time, she was indulging in this unique feature of her marriage. She and Alex began seeing each other a few months before and it was hot. Lina was beginning to really fall for Alex, and at the same time did not want to give up on her own marriage; but on nights like tonight, she couldn’t help but wonder, why bother?

Lina walked in her apartment, kicked off her shoes, and was in the kitchen opening a bottle of her favorite Merlot when her phone rang. It was Alex. She smiled and answered, “Hey you.”

“Hola mi amor,” he responded in his slightly raspy voice that drove Lina crazy with desire. Alex was a gorgeous man, statuesque at over 6 feet tall with a lean, muscular physique. He had caramel-colored skin and penetrating, deep brown eyes. The pull he had on Lina was purely magnetic. Just hearing his voice on the phone sent electricity coursing through her body and she especially felt it in between her legs.

“I was just thinking about you,” she confessed.

“Were you? How did I get so lucky? You sound tired, mi amor. Are you ok?”

Lina hadn’t told Alex that she was married. She liked him and didn’t think that he would accept the situation. At first, it was just supposed to be a one-time thing, so she thought there was no point in revealing this to him but there was so much passion between them. The connection was instant and unreal. Now, she didn’t know how to tell him.

“It’s just been a long week, and truthfully, I’m feeling a little lonely tonight, but I know you have your game, so I’m going to draw a bath and drink some wine, and binge-watch one of the housewife shows. Watching rich women make fools of themselves always makes me feel better.”

“Ah, ok. Well, I’m sorry I can’t see you tonight, mi amor. But get some rest and I will make it up to you tomorrow.”

Lina could tell Alex was smiling on the phone. She could feel his warmth through his voice and it soothed her.

Feeling more relaxed after Alex’s phone call and a few sips of wine, Lina went upstairs and into her luxurious en suite bathroom. She designed the bathroom herself, and it was like her own personal spa with a large walk-in shower, huge jacuzzi tub, double sinks and gorgeous floor to ceiling mirrors. Darren and her were definitely blessed to be so successful at such a young age. Lina unbuttoned her blouse and took it off throwing it into the laundry basket. She unzipped her pencil skirt and slid it off leaving it on the floor. In the mirror, she examined her body. Lina was very curvy. She had wide hips and a round butt. Her stomach was almost flat, but not as flat as she would like it and she was always in the gym working on her abs and doing squats. Lina slid off her bra and frowned at her breasts thinking that gravity was beginning to have its effect on her round, D-cup mounds. All in all, she looked great after having twins and for a woman her age. She was fit and well put together. She eased out of her black lace panties that matched the black lace bra she had just taken off and climbed into the tub. The water was warm and the jets from the jacuzzi were massaging out the stress that had built up in her lower back. After a few moments, she turned down the jets and sipped her wine, soaking in the warm water. Her mind wandered back to Alex. She closed her eyes and could feel his strong hands caressing her lower back as they kissed. She remembered how hard he had gotten at just the touch of their lips. She was thinking about his hands exploring her body and her nipples hardened as she gently began rubbing her clit. She massaged her button until she could feel it swell. Her large, brown nipples still hard and sensitive to the touch. Just a few moments thinking about Alex was all it took and she was ready to climax. It had been a long time since she felt this type of overwhelming desire for someone. Lina finished her glass of wine and pulled herself out of the bath. Her nipples still erect and her box throbbing with need. She would finish this on her bed with her vibrator, she thought, when her phone rang. She grabbed a towel and picked up the phone without looking down to see who it was. Her pussy moistened at the sound of Alex’s voice on the phone. “Oh, hey you, shouldn’t you be at your game?” Lina said with a smile.

“Yeah, but, what are you doing right now?” Alex’s voice sounded mischievous and Lina wondered what he was up to.

“Just getting out of the tub.”

“Perfect! Don’t put anything on and come open the front door. What’s your apartment number?” Alex sounded excited and she paused, thinking, he must be joking. There’s no way he can be here.

“I live in the penthouse, but, stop playing, love. I definitely wish you were here.”

“The penthouse? Woah! And, I’m not playing, why would I joke about something so serious as seeing that gorgeous body of yours. Call the front desk and tell them to let me in and when I come up, you better answer the door naked.”

Lina gave a nervous giggle and played along. “Ok amor, whatever you want sir.”

Alex chuckled, “You better follow directions, or I’ll be forced to punish you. See you in two.”

Lina smiled to herself, shaking her head. There was no way Alex could be here. Did he even know the building she lived in? She vaguely remembered mentioning it once when they first met but they weren’t even dating then. They were too busy hating each other while working on a marketing campaign for Alex’s non-profit organization. She shook her head, put on her black silk robe, and went downstairs to refill her glass. Lina had pulled out a pint of her favorite gelato and was eating a large spoonful when her house phone rang. “Mrs. Smith, there is an Alex Perez here in the lobby that would like to come up. Are you expecting a visitor? Should I send him up?”

Lina almost choked, “Uh, yea, yes, send him up.” She quickly scanned the room and took down any pictures of her and Darren. Luckily, Lina was more into art than portraits and there weren’t many pictures of the two of them in the minimalist modern design of her home. She heard the ding of the elevator, ran her fingers through her hair, and rushed to the door just as Alex knocked.

Lina opened the door and there he was, the tall glass of water that she so desperately wanted to quench her thirst. She quickly scanned him as he stood there holding a red rose:  his endearing smile, his white v-neck tee fit his broad shoulders perfectly tightening around his biceps, his relaxed fit jeans and clean sneakers; she was almost drooling.  He flashed his perfectly white teeth at her and without saying a word, reached up and pulled the sash on the front of my robe. The robe opened revealing her tan and toned body, still moist and glistening from her bath. He slid the robe off her shoulders, caressing her soft skin as it fell to to the floor leaving Lina completely naked and speechless. She opened her mouth to speak and Alex stopped her, “don’t say a word. You put on a robe. You didn’t follow directions, Angelina, and now I have to punish you. You know that right?”



-Leelah Lux-

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