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Community Directory

Help us Help you make this country a fun, safe and a sex positive community! With our Community Directory, you can tell us the good, the great, and some of the ugly with a response on events and restaurants and shows in your area. Rate it and our directory will be able to pin point a safe community based upon your responses. Also, it’s important to highlight the unsafe areas so we’ll have a better understanding of places that are not so sex positive. Our site will then highlight those areas with a high number of negative responses and create a not so fun name to describe that area.

Come-Passion Forums

Have you gone to the movies lately or heard the latest songs on the radio? Are you up on the latest fashion or ready to discuss the hottest topic in politics? Maybe these subjects intersect and have a sexual connotation. If so, let’s discuss it here in Passion Forums and get to the root of the issue. Remember, keep all hate speech out of these forums as there’s no room for hate speech here.

Host A Come-Passion Party

Choose items from our store fill your party with joy. Let us know how you’d like us to add spice to your affair. We can make appearance and host a part or simply provide the items you need based upon your desire. Allow us to help you define and express your level of pleasure through our store. Be sure to review our party bundles. We’ll organize them from affordable to plentiful all while maintaining high quality.


Relax, relate and release while reading our author’s version of sex. We have several experience and published authors bringing their version of excitement and pleasure to you in our Sexperiences section. We’ll also have Video blogs and podcasts available carrying a different feel to tap into those sexual energies through other senses.

Toys and Lingerie

Peruse our toy and clothing store where you’ll find items to help steer pleasure in the right direction. We have holiday inventory and sales throughout the year to satiate all of you sexual